Friday, 28 May 2010


Following my recent Spätburgunders, another random bin-end. Not usually seen on the shelves of my supermarket of choice, this bottle suddenly appeared out of nowhere last week, selling for just 2.99 euro - almost half its normal retail price.

As I have stated elsewhere, Gutedel is Markgräflerland's speciality no. 1. With Schlossgut Istein being a more than half-decent producer, I frankly expected this particular Gutedel to be an absolute steal.

Schlossgut Istein, Isteiner Gutedel 2008 QbA
Apart from the signature notes of hazelnut, this Gutedel shows off almonds and a hint of peach and citrus. Everything is understated, though. Not overly complex, and the finish isn't the longest, but there is a certain elegance there. Comes in at a refreshing 11.5% alcohol. This would be ideal with light starters or picnics. Or on the balcony on these late-spring evenings.

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