Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wine rambling in London

Jenny and I took advantage of Switzerland's Whit Monday holiday (on 24 May) to spend a long weekend in London. Being a Northerner whose knowledge of his capital city is, at best, limited, I left all the organisation and logistics of our trip to my better half. That was just as well, as we both had a great time.

However, there was one excursion I took into my own hands on the Sunday evening, when we took a detour out of the centre of London to spend a lovely evening of exquisite food, wine and chat with Torsten, London's resident Wine Rambler.

Torsten's description of one of the wines he served us that evening can be found here. I'd also like to give an honorable mention to an exceedingly quaffable English wine we drank. An English rosé, in fact, and a great introduction to the vinous offerings of my home country! It went perfectly with the delicious beetroot soup our host laid on for starters.

Anyway, Jenny and I both had a cracking time, and we hope to reciprocate in Basel one of these days.


  1. Wine rambling in Basel

    Very happy to hear that you enjoyed the visit. It was great having you over and I'd be delighted pay you a visit in Basel some time.

    And many thanks for the wine!


  2. And many thanks to you again, Torsten!
    All the best,