Thursday, 20 May 2010

Local beers

No time to do justice to any of the wines in my possession at the moment or even in the next few days, but there's always time for a beer. Or two.

To maintain some sort of educative pretence, I thought it would be good to have a "head to head" between two similar beers from two respective breweries in our neighbouring German town of Lörrach - home to Ottmar Hitzfeld and a twin town of Chester, the place my father was born. For a town of barely 50,000, having two decent breweries is quite a privilege. So, how do Reitter and Lasser compare?

Reitter Pilsner
A golden appearance like a Riesling Auslese. A fresh nose followed by a crisp entry with bitter hoppy notes on the palate. Good clean German pilsner, if a little underwhelming.
4.9% abv

Lasser Premium Pils
Pretty much the same golden hue as the Reitter, but the nose is a lot more expressive showing flowery hops and malt in equal measure. On the palate, this spiel continues between the hops and the malt. Refreshing and pleasant.
5.0% abv

I think Lasser definitely comes out on top here.

In truth, though, neither of these beers come close to the lemon-grass extravaganza that is my favourite German pilsner from the heart of Badner Land.

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