Sunday, 2 May 2010

Riesling unplugged

Currently, I'm reading one of Stuart Pigott's books, Wilder Wein. In one of the chapters, devoted to Germany's "new wave" of winemakers, Pigott visits Martin Tesch from the Nahe region. "Riesling Unplugged" is Tesch's estate wine, a bottle of which I spotted and promptly purchased at Swiss retailler Globus.

Weingut Tesch, Riesling Unplugged 2007, Nahe
Tesch's vineyards are situated in an area (the Mainzer Becken) that was submerged millions of years ago. One can notice the tell-tale signs of this in the fossilised sharks' teeth which can still be found in the local geology.

For an estate wine, the nose on this is quite intense. Minerally intense, that is. The aroma is what I would imagine crushed stalactites to smell like. Around 48 hours after opening, more fruity notes appear, including stone fruit and something greenish which I can't quite pinpoint. Absolutely bone dry on the palate, but laser sharp. Not quite Eric Clapton, but this is still a lot of fun.


  1. Eric Clapton and Martin Tesch - Unplugged

  2. Thanks for the cross-reference.
    Maybe the wine was a bit too edgy to remind me of Eric Clapton (and I mean that in a good way). Nirvana instead, perhaps?!