Saturday, 11 August 2012

Pretty in pink

Pink and purple seem to have been the most popular decorative colours at London's Olympic venues. Even the "Smurf turf" of the hockey arena has pink on the outside. With pink maybe engrained in our subconsciousness, we recently opened this bottle:

Weingut Kiefer, "Schmetterlinge im Bauch" Rosé feinherb 2011, Baden, Germany
As you can see, even the label has got in on the act. And I love the "butterflies in your tummy" name.

It's fitting, because this really is a slightly garish, purplish-pink sort of rosé. A rosé that's totally comfortable with its pinkness.

A lovely strawberry picnic sort of aroma on the nose, complete with water melons. Much of the same on the palate. Maybe the fruit is a little on the plastic bubblegummy side - lacking the debonair charm of, say, Pinot Noir blush. Yet this is a fun, happy-go-lucky wine and just the ticket for outdoor drinking. Its slightly off-dry personality lent very well to easy quaffing.


  1. If you link to pictures could you at least link to the original source and credit the photographer. This picture is also copyright and as the photographer of this picture, I would also have appreciated a message to ask if the picture could be used.

    Just because it's on the internet, doen't mean it can be used freely.

    Kevin Button

  2. Dear Mr Button,
    Please accept my apologies. I was genuinely unaware that linking to pictures (as opposed to displaying them) also came under copyright. I was using the link in good faith, and if I didn't do you courtesy of sending you a prior message, this was more a result of my naivety than anything else.
    Anyway, I've taken the link down completely now.

    Simon Jones

  3. Consider yourself told off Simon...and a Runner-Up position again in the new season...

  4. Whoops, that makes it 20 (twenty)... ;-)