Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A schooling in Pinot

Jenny and I much enjoyed the following wine at the Ziereisens' pre-Christmas do, so we promptly bought two bottles of it before leaving. Because I acquired another bottle last week from a different source, I thought it wouldn't hurt to crack one open at this relatively early stage in its development.

Weingut Ziereisen, Blauer Spätburgunder "Schulen" 2008, Baden, Germany
A minty, herbally nose with quite a whiff of wet wood. I use "wood" as a descriptor (instead of "oak") deliberately, because this was a well integrated component. Less the smell of a carpenter's (that I would tend not to appreciate anyway), and more that of a damp forest. Lovely tart freshness on the palate, with black cherry and smooth tannins. A dense but light wine, if you get my meaning. With a pleasingly old-school 12% alcohol.

Personally, I thought opening a bottle now wouldn't hurt based on tasting the 2002 vintage of the same wine while we were visiting. There is a school of thought that would argue that 10 years' ageing would have improved such a wine. And indeed, the more mature notes of the 2002 Schulen offered plenty of interest. However, it wasn't half as exciting as 2008 in our view.

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