Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wolf-Dieter Salwey

Just heard the news that Wolf-Dietrich Salwey has passed away. I never met him or his son - who is around my age - but it is sad that such an evidently tireless ambassador for German wine is no longer with us. To date, my one and only encounter with a Salwey wine took place last year, but even then, I was struck by its disarming elegance. This prompted a recommendation by Torsten from The Wine Rambler as to what I should maybe try next from the Salwey range. Alas, I've never got round to buying any more. I'll try to make up for that.


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  1. Yes, it is a sad story. I only met him briefly, but my first impression was confirmed by everyone I have since talked to: a friendly, very approachable, charming and dedicated man. I am certain we will see many more great wines coming from Salwey (Konrad Salwey has de facto been in charge of the winemaking for a few years now anyway), but I will certainly miss his smile at the autumn VdP tasting in Munich...