Sunday, 2 January 2011

French connection

The family of one of my better half's French colleagues at work owns and runs a property in Chablis. Before visiting her nearest and dearest there, said colleague took wine orders from some of her fellow workers in Basel. I was able to get my particular order in (relayed via Jenny) just in time.

Of all French regions, I've always been quite interested in Chablis due, ironically, to the similarity of its Kimmeridgian clay/chalk soil to that of Franconia in Germany (the spiritual home of the Silvaner varietal). My experience of Chablis is, however, extremely limited.

Domaine Begue-Mathiot, Chablis Premier Cru Vaucopins 2004
Golden straw in appearance, the nose hints at garden greens, chalk, pineapple and brioche. On the palate, a mineral attack followed by a bright back-palate of pithy, citrusy mouthwatering bitterness. Somewhere inbetween, there are some mild stone fruit notes (greengages maybe). The finish is long. From the 2004 vintage, this is still as fresh as a daisy and could have a few years more of development ahead of it, I would say. Very impressive and, for just under EUR 11, a relative bargain.

Another premier cru to follow shortly.

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