Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Salwey for starters

My first ever Salwey wine. I was going to go for the bulkier Weissburgunder "RS" from the same vintage, but the lady in the shop said I might want to try the Kabinett as a lighter introduction.

Weingut Salwey, Weissburgunder Kabinett trocken 2008, Baden
Sometimes, I just want to enjoy a wine for what it is, instead of scribbling down notes and splitting hairs about whether the contents of my glass smell of a particular fruit, type of soil or whatever. Simplicity can be bliss.

Such was the case with this Salwey wine. However, what I can tell you is that this Weissburgunder makes for an extremely enjoyable companion. From nose to palate, it exudes purity and precision. The level of complexity is middling, although that is of secondary importance. What it does clearly remind me of all the way through is peaches and cream. There - I actually pinpointed a particular flavour, although someone could interpret it as apricot or the whiff of red apples for all I know. Taste, after all, is subjective. The acidity is nicely refreshing, the finish elegant. Dare I say it, it almost reminds me of a certain type of Riesling.

This wine is certainly a good introduction.


  1. I am glad you liked the Salwey; I have both the RS and the Kabinett here, so I was very interested to see what you made of the Kabinett, as I yet to try it. I strongly recommend the Grauburgunder Kabinett. We had really good fun tasting the Salwey wine range last year in Munich:

    Cheers, Torsten WineRambler

  2. Hi Torsten,
    Thanks for your comment, the interesting link and the tip about the Grauburgunder. This particular Weissburgunder I tried was purchased at a wine shop in Freiburg that had plenty of different Salweys. I'll try and get back up there on a day trip some time soon (need to sell it as a "shopping excursion" to my better half). :-)


  3. Seems like an excellent plan, Simon! I particularly recommend the 2008 Sommer Cuvee - a very refreshing blend of Silvaner and Riesling. Very good value and should be great now that spring is eventually upon us.

  4. Cheers, I'll keep that wine in mind!