Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Vineyard watch

While browsing wine websites - as is my wont - I stumbled yesterday upon this webcam run by the renowned Mosbacher Estate in the Pfalz. Relying on my geographic intuition, I reckon the cam is attached to the large building featured in the centre of this satellite image. The view is of the following Forst vineyards: Freundstück in the foreground, Ungeheuer in the middle distance and Musenhang at the very top of the slope.

(This brings back memories, because the parts of Freundstück and Ungeheuer which you see in the picture are more or less the exact areas of land I worked on when I did a month-long work experience at Reichsrat von Buhl in the summer of 1997 - a subject of one of my future posts.)

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