Saturday, 30 January 2010

Huck's musk

The following wine reminds me that I should try aromatic grape varietals more often. Get going on Scheurebe, for instance, and it's hard to stop me. (Far more interesting than Sauvignon Blanc, in my opinion.) Muskateller is another delight, if done properly. Weingut Huck-Wagner have nailed it with this one.

Weingut Huck-Wagner, Muskateller, Blansinger Wolfer trocken, 2008
A fresh and lightly spritzy appearance gives way to aromas that sing. Exotic, flowery spice enveloped in luscious blossomy peach. I rack my brain to remember when I last smelt something like that, and my mind takes me back to last summer and a beer I drank at my parents' house in St Annes. The resemblance is uncanny. (Incidentally, the Swiss and Germans - among others - may scoff at British claims to beer-brewing prowess - citing the ignorant stereotype of "warm ale" - but beers like "Golden Glory" are one of the things I miss here in Basel.)

A beer comparison would normally put you off a wine, but, believe me, this one shouldn't. The same sensations take over on the palate - all peaches (and I mean emphatically peachy, and not the peach people "get" in Riesling, when they quite possibly mean something else), with a refreshing, mouth-watering zing. So far, this beats "Essence" for next summer's wine of choice, me thinks (but don't tell Jenny).

EUR 6.40, bought at my local supermarket.

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