Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Domaine Nussbaumer, take two

Domaine Nussbaumer, Gutedel, Aesch, Vordere Klus, 2008
Unusually, the German name is used here, and not Chasselas. To tell the truth, I went into the local wine shop with the intention of purchasing the Räuschling I mentioned in my previous blog post. That would have been interesting. Alas, they don't stock it - I would have to contact Nussbaumer directly - so I went for the Gutedel instead.

With 11.5% alcohol, this wine is light on its feet. Vegetative nose with - bizarrely - a whiff of fish. This dissipates completely after a little while, leaving a pleasant coolness and a slightly nutty (or peanutty?) aroma which carries over to the palate. Minimal acidity - unlike the previous wine, it could maybe do with more acidity, if anything. Not exactly testing on the complexity front, but with an agreeable, cool texture. Hm, I suppose it tastes better than that description just sounded. Not exactly the text-book wine for these cold winter nights, but it redeems the first impression I had of Nussbaumer at the weekend to a certain extent. Price: CHF 16.10.

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