Sunday, 3 January 2010

Boom boom...

Boris Becker's home town of Leimen is situated just to the south of Heidelberg. On our recent trip up Heidelberg, I purchased a bottle by Clauer (see previous entry) and one by Seeger of Leimen which cost EUR 8.90. Let's see if this is as bombastic as a Becker serve...

Weingut Seeger, Blauer Spätburgunder trocken 2008, Baden
Pale Pinot appearance. Candied cherry on the nose with quite overbearing oak on nose and palate, meaning that the effect is very dry and almost too "sawdusty" for my liking. Some complexity there, but the finish also feels rather alcoholic, to be honest. Finished off today, 24 hours after opening, it seems to have taken on a slightly more savoury aspect, with hints of bitter chocolate, suggesting that further cellaring (or, failing that, decanting) would be a good idea. The alcohol seems to have bedded in a bit. In conclusion, not bombastic as such - though that's a good thing. I think the wine is fairly good value for the price. However, the oak is a touch too prominent for my taste, seemingly overpowering all else - which is a shame.

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