Tuesday, 27 August 2013

This isn't your everyday wine glass.

Nor is it a joke. According to the man who designed it, the glass lets you enjoy wine in "three dimensions". To be honest I was slightly sceptical at first, despite having helped translate the related advertising pamphlet. But after acquiring two Bordeaux glasses last week, my view is altogether more positive. It's all to do with how the wine flows into your mouth, which depends on three specific ways in which you hold the glass. I don't want this blog post to start sounding like an advert, so I won't be mentioning the brand name*.

Suffice to say, the glass isn't just fun to use - it also provides quite a different wine-tasting experience to that offered by conventional glasses.

*However, if you do want to learn more, feel free to contact me directly (see the contact details on my business website by clicking on the logo at the top-right of this page).

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  1. Very stylish. It's an important to have the right wine glass because, after all, the whole purpose of nice wine glasses is to act as a sophisticated foil for whatever wine you happen to be pouring, so aesthetics is just as important a consideration as functionality.