Thursday, 22 August 2013

Riesling Herrenpfad

I bought the following bottle on a whim, as the name "Meyer" rang a bell. Andreas Meyer from Heuchelheim-Klingen has some namesakes (and peers) not too far away in Rhodt unter Rietburg who are also in the "up-and-upcoming wine-grower" bracket (Marius and Stefan). I might have confused him with them to be honest, but I won't be doing that in future.

Weingut Meyer, Riesling Herrenpfad trocken 2011 - Goldkapsel -, Pfalz, Germany
Reticent on the nose at first, but some red berry notes gradually emerge. The palate is more expressive, tasting of classically succulent and soft yellow-fleshed peaches. This Riesling is very dry with acids that, to me at least, are more austere than shy and retiring. However, the peach notes manage to squeeze an unlikely sense of sweetness into the wine. The brief finish is slightly disappointing, as is the touch of alcoholic heat that accompanies it. Quite a firm, "masculine" wine. Enjoyable if you like that sort of thing. And I do to a certain extent. Great label.

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