Monday, 2 August 2010

"Wingerter Woi- und Gässelfescht"

Owing to various summer activities, there's not much time at the moment for Jenny and I to sit down and enjoy a bottle of wine together and for me to then write corresponding notes. Not that I'm complaining, as we've both had a lovely time. Things should normalise somewhat from next week, though.

Just a quick entry today with a photograph from Saturday's latest trip to the Pfalz: to visit two good friends at their new house out in the country in the aptly named village of Weingarten. The annual village fest ("Woi- und Gässelfescht") happened to be taking place. In the photograph above, I present to you a familiar "double-act" at fests of such ilk. The garish orange shorts which you may also be able to make out in the picture are not mine.

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