Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The "Bebbi Sagg"

I knew this long before crossing the border into CH, but a "Bebbi" is local patois for an "inhabitant of Basel". A "Sagg" is local spelling for "Sack" in proper German, i.e. "bag" or "sack" in English. A Bebbi Sagg is the term used round here for the ubiquitous rubbish bags which people leave out for the refuse collectors every week. I learnt yesterday that a roll of these bags costs a whopping CHF 23.

Unlike in Germany, where things like plastic packaging and cardboard containers are sorted separately into a Gelbe Sack (yellow bag), you can theoretically dispose of all your everyday household rubbish in the Bebbi Sagg. Quite convenient, plus there's less of the daily dilemma you face in Germany as to which rubbish bag you can use without committing a "refuse-related infringement". However, on the down side, you can get through a roll of these bags relatively quickly, if you're not careful.

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