Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Von der Fels 2009 - second and final bottle

Originally I had two bottles of this wine. The first one was opened in October 2010. Now over four years later ...

Weingut Keller, Riesling trocken "von der Fels" 2009, Rheinhessen
Pale gold in appearance, with a slightly candied glaze of citrus, stone fruit, beeswax hints and a touch of honey on the nose. Certainly, some initial signs of maturity are detectable. Medium-bodied on palate, with a waxy glaze you could refer to it as "Schmelz" in German along with dried herbs and a certain innate sweetness within what is essentially a dry-tasting construct; not fruit as such, but more a caramel-like sensation with some mealy notes. The wine has evolved over the last few years. The 2009 vintage was pretty ripe. Nevertheless, the amount of liveliness in this Riesling is commendable. Having said this, the acidity has bound itself somewhat into these savoury elements and is therefore very well integrated. A finely structured and complex wine with a lingering finish.

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