Friday, 31 January 2014


I regret to say that a) my notes are even shorter for this wine, and b) I didn't even bother with a photograph (it was back in late-November when I was starting on the English manuscript for Vinipazzi. Neither points a) or b) are a reflection on the wine itself.

Weingut Kiefer, Spätburgunder trocken "Dreistern" 2008, Baden, Germany
Cherry, ruby.
Lean. Dare I say: volcanic*.
Powerful yet lean on the palate.

* I say "volcanic", and some might sigh in exasperation, but it is a specific characteristic I've noticed in Kaiserstuhl Pinots. Honest.. How to describe it? Probably as a sonorous bass note. Ok, that's probably not that helpful, but it makes the wine feel very lean and athletic - both on the nose and palate. Maybe this is merely a case of autosuggestion, but it makes me imagine the black rock on which the vines grow.

The wine itself was great fun.

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