Monday, 16 September 2013


Basel has a wine shop dedicated to German wine. It's called Wyhuus am Rhy, which is local dialect for "Weinhaus am Rhein". Buoyed by the previous weekend's meeting with Barry Fowden, I went there the other day to get a single bottle of good Pinot Noir. Due to the extra import duty and the generally inflated cost of everything in Swiss francs, buying German wine in Switzerland can be a bit of a pain. However, I still get the odd bottle in Basel now and again if I'm feeling lazy.

Christina Krebs, who runs Wyhuus am Rhy, said she still had one bottle remaining of the following Pinot. As it was the last bottle, she also kindly sold it to me for a generous discount that negated the usual "Swiss surcharge". Thank you very much.

Weingut Dr. Heger, Spätburgunder "Mimus" trocken 2008, Baden, Germany
Light ruby with watery edges and an encouragingly brownish hue. An undeniably distinct smell of fatty bacon leaps out of the glass, along with beautiful aromas of luscious raspberry and red cherry. There is also a hint of marzipan. Bright, elegant, rippling and juicy on the palate. Fresh red cherries, finely grained tannins with a good acidic backbone. This is firmly on the red-fruit side, which I love. Fine and subtle on a long finish.

From start to finish a real pleasure to drink.

Apparently, Joachim Heger's father's nickname was "Mimus".

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