Friday, 12 April 2013

Blankenhorn Gutedel

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like spring is finally on its way - at least in these more southerly of Germanic climes. Time for a refreshing glass of Gutedel from a nearby winery I've neglected in the past (for no particular reason).

Weingut Blankenhorn, Gutedel Kabinett trocken 2011, Baden, Germany
Trademark straw-yellow in appearance, with pear and slightly more exotic stone-fruit hints on the nose, as well as faint lemony notes and a pleasantly talcy nuance that could indeed be described as minerally.

Fresh with good acidity for a Gutedel. Clear as a whistle with that disarming transparency and integrity that I love about the grape. As befits its predicate, the wine is light-bodied, lowish in alcohol and undemandingly quaffable.

Maybe it lacks some of the yeasty goodness that other Markgräfler producers have been increasingly introducing into their Gutedels in recent years, but it blows away the winter cobwebs at least.

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