Thursday, 10 March 2011

Prowein 2011

One of Europe's premier wine fairs, Prowein has long been the exclusive reserve of wine professionals. Held in Düsseldorf each year, it is the event to attend if you count among one the great and good of German wine. For us mere mortals, on the other hand (i.e. bloggers who don't necessarily work in the wine trade per se), gaining accreditation to this wine fair used to be nigh on impossible. Yet things have changed.

Perhaps reflecting the growing importance of web-logs within the wine scene, Prowein has now opened up to bloggers. Well, since last year to be precise. I only learned of this a couple of weeks ago and was frankily dubious as to whether the author of a blog such as this would be considered for accreditation. All the more of a surprise then when an e-mail arrives in my inbox this morning containing the personal user name and password required to purchase a ticket.

Now I have my ticket and travel itinerary sorted, and will be hitting the fair on Sunday 27 March. This is very exciting.

My aim on this, my maiden visit, will be simply to get a feel of the event and general atmosphere, do some people-spotting, and taste some good wine. If some business leads come about as a result, that of course would be a bonus, but I'm just looking forward to attending the fair as a wine lover first and foremost.

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