Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Andreas Laible

Baden isn't that famous for Riesling, but there are pockets of top quality here and there: in Ihringen, for example, and in parts of the Ortenau such as Neuweier and Durbach. The latter village boasts a small handful of excellent properties including Weingut Andreas Laible, probably the most renowned "Riesling winery" in Baden.

Andreas Laible's son Alexander is making a name for himself with his own variety of wines, one of which I tasted in 2009. Yet, it's Alexander's dad who's still the reference point for all things Riesling in Baden. Time to acquaint myself then.

Weingut Andreas Laible, Durbacher Plauenrain Riesling Kabinett trocken 2009, Baden
I chose this Kabinett as a light introduction. I wasn't disappointed.

A wonderfully floral nose eventually evolving into succulent peach and orange zest. More exotic peaches on a mouthwatering palate. Medium-light in terms of body, but with ripe acidity and so much flavour. The finish is satisfyingly dry and briny. Text-book dry Kabinett.

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