Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Expovina and Gaga

Another wine fair was on the agenda last Sunday, as was Lady Gaga.

Travelling to Zurich with my better half and a handful of other friends at midday, we first hit the wine ships at Bürkliplatz. Wine tasting on a boat is not something I'd attempted before, so this seemed novel enough to try out. From my point of view, the idea of attending was somewhat less professionally motivated than it had been at the previous two wine fairs, and more for the sheer fun of it. Having said that, I still managed to part company with a few business cards. Overall, we had an enjoyable visit, despite feeling vaguely seasick by the end.

Now, Lady Gaga is probably not to everyone's taste, but she certainly can't be accused of not putting on a good show. Originally, I had passed up the chance for a ticket to her concert. However, I was lucky enough to claim a ticket at the second time of asking. Which was just as well, because it was a brilliant show.


  1. Simon...can you post something new.
    Every time I go to your blog I see Lady Gaga...and as a music lover of over 50 years...I can list 1.000.000 better voices...and not a butt or breast or hairdo in sight...(smile)

  2. Hi Barry, apologies for Mademoiselle Gaga - been very busy recently. She'll be relegated soon..