Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Blankenhorn, 2007 Spätburgunder QbA trocken, 1 L

As promised, a synopsis of Weingut Blankenhorn's Spätburgunder trocken by the litre, albeit a brief one, as I have a slight sniffle and the senses were deadened somewhat at the time of tasting:

With an alcohol content of 13.5%, this is a full 1.5% more than the Schlossgut Istein. Quite surprising for a "lowly" one-litre bottling. Then again, 2007 was a pretty decent year as far as Oechsle levels were concerned, if I recall correctly. Whether it has been chaptalised or not, I'm not sure, but I would hazard a guess that it hasn't.

On the nose, quite vegetative. Clean and sappy on the palate with quite smooth tannins. In my less-than-ideal state, I would say that this wine is a little more forgiving than its counterpart from Istein in hindsight. I do like the generally smoother feel to this.

[Edit: Another good thing about litre bottles is that you can use some of it for cooking and still have plenty left. My girl-friend and I ate lamb last night, and this worked a treat in that respect.]

*PS: Tasted again this evening (22.12.2009) and it has really opened up. Spicy cherry on the nose, more complex than you would ever expect from something that barely costs EUR 6, if my memory serves me correctly (I've thrown away the receipt).

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